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How to Safely Buy Online with Peace of Mind

I was looking at product reviews online and came across this review of  Rob Benwell’s “Blogging to Bank” by Paul Schlegel.

Unlike a lot of FAKE scam reviews out there (I’ll be hitting on some of them soon), I appreciate Paul’s thorough investigation of and detailed reporting of the questionable or downright dishonest practices of both Rob Benwell and his brother Matt Benwell.

While I won’t go into the details here, I will give the summary:


There is a code of ethical conduct that we need to uphold online. The FTC may or may not take the matter up with them, but if we hold these young men’s feet to the fire in boycotting their products, maybe we can get them to change their ways before other people suffer the same financial maltreatment.


In related news, I would like to make a strong suggestion to those of you reading this who may be wondering about how to safely purchase online just in case you get scammed and on the hook for a LOT more than you expected.

When I buy stuff online or under a tight budget, I use a prepaid debit card from WalMart ($6 + $3 per load fee). I load it with sufficient money before I buy the product or service, then reload when I need it.

  • I keep it low (<$5) so if I can monitor all the “monthlies”. When a monthly / partial charge comes in, I’ll get an “Insufficient Funds” message. (No fee.)
  • If I choose to keep the service, I’ll load enough to cover it and redo the transaction which is linked in the message.
  • If I choose to cancel the transaction, I’ll send them a “stop billing me; card will have no money” message.
  • Once I get the “Transaction Cancelled” message from Clickbank, I can safely reload.

With such a small fee and easy terms, it’s not hard to maintain multiple cards. If a shyster “ruins” a card by not honoring a cancel order, like the Benwell’s are known to do, you can simply cut that card up and use another one. When the “insufficient fund” message comes in on a good product, give them the new number and keep going.

DON’T USE A CARD TIED TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Such a card should only be used for “essential services” that you don’t want interrupted like electricity, phone, water, Internet, etc. Online marketers (honest and otherwise) should be kept at arm’s length at all times because of the “otherwise”.

Yes, I’m even including ME in that list. I’d hate to find out that I got hacked despite my best efforts to the contrary, and you had your life savings stolen. While I seek to please all of my (potential) customers, I also want to make sure that you not only feel secure but are secure during and after the sale, and blessed even if we have to process a refund.



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