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Motorola Atrix 4G is the Beginning of the Next Big Trend in Computers

The Motorola Atrix 4G was released this past weekend (Feb 17, 2011).

While you can read about the Motorola 4G in the full article, is a cell phone that also is the brain behind a larger laptop dock. This phone IS the computer, not the other way around.

If you read my previous post on (yesterday) on this very blog, I think that the future trends in computing look more like the iPhone / Android than the current offerings from Microsoft.

The Atrix 4G is simply a strong step in that direction given the technological limitations that we currently are able to bring to market at a cost-effective price point. Like most new things, the prices start high then decline as the technology becomes more wide spread.

Even more important, don’t read into this commentary that the Motorola Atrix 4G is the best phone there is, go buy it right now, etc. What I’m saying is that you can expect to see other devices like this which are small cell phone or other tiny form factor which transform or otherwise allow for a large form factor.

Computer technology has gotten to the point that it’s no longer practical for human use. Instead, we have to find new and innovative ways to make the technology fit the person.

We often expand the definition of fit to involve features and benefits, fit their method of use, fit their needs, and fit their lifestyle, but even more important is the simple human interface which must be accommodated.  I might have an awesome MP3 player that does everything except the dishes, but if my hands cramp when I try to use it because it’s TOO SMALL, I won’t use it.

It’s also been noted that the wristwatch is in decline because more and more people are carrying cell phones which have the time on it. Others point out that MP3 players saw a spurt of growth with the release of the iPod, but the iPhone has replaced the iPod because it can do most everything the iPod can PLUS more.

If the typical user can get 90% of their needs met through an advanced cell phone which is able to expand to having a LARGE screen and an ergonomic keyboard, then most would probably just buy the less expensive expansion dock for the cell phone and  leave the regular computer at home.

Thus, the final package for more people will likely end up being a simple home computer / cell phone combination with the expansion option or accessories on the cell phone for portable computing needs.  The plethora of electronics in the car, purse, backpack, and pockets is going to get a LOT less.

Music, movies, books, and media can be transferred from home computer downloading and updating as needed when we’re not at home to then sync with the phone via the common cable or other means. (Apple! The iPad SERIOUSLY needs a USB &/or SD port.)

Lastly, we have “ebook readers”. This category of devices has limited market appeal, but there is some benefit of having such a device. Likely as not, as they develop more powerful, more flexible and more expandable phones,  someone will develop an “eBook screen” which acts more like an add-on than being its own separate device. So the user could use the “phone” in their pocket to read the books on a screen that’s lighter, easier to read for extended periods, requires less power, etc. Kindle isn’t the future, but it’s a good step in the right direction.


My typical advice to anyone looking to buy something is to research the options thoroughly. Once you decide on the best choice and buy it, don’t look back & wonder.

Do your DUE DILIGENCE before the sale, then be content with your choice after the sale unless you’ve made a SERIOUS error in judgement If it’s good for you, don’t get caught up in comparison shopping afterward.

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