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How to NOT Treat Your Subscribers

When I go online looking for various types of information, especially “how-to” business information, I can readily tolerate various peoples’ differences in behavior, demeanor, and communication. I can also appreciate their need to mix in SALES promotions with informative pieces.

The difference is what, when, how, and why these folks send their message out to me.

Let’s compare and contrast 3 different gurus that I am currently or used to subscribe to: Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com, Anik Signal of EmpireFormula.com, and Russell Brunson of DotComSecrets.com.

The 1st is Russell Brunson.

I am still impressed with how Russell Brunson was able to develop his own business while still in college and then help others get their own business up and running online.

When I first subscribed to Russell Brunson, his messages were informative and inspiring. He’d highlight various people who took his teaching and developed businesses with it (case studies). Each story got me to thinking how I could take something I was using and turn it into a comparable business.

After a while, he stopped teaching, stopped highlighting, and stopped inspiring. Instead, he started trying to HARD SELL me on this program of his or someone else’s in almost every message he sent out … and I got these messages almost DAILY. After only a week or two, I’d had enough and opted out of his list.

The 2nd is Anik Signal.

I don’t know what it is about him, but he reminds me of a sleazy used car dealer. I’m not saying that he’s BAD, but there’s just something about him that I don’t like. I was attracted to his list because of his Empire Formula ebook that promised to guide me on a plan to go from $0 to $100,000.

Anik has done basically the same thing that Russel did. Informative at first but then nothing but sales letters and promotions. The reasons that I’m still on Anik’s list, and not Russel’s, is that Anik’s eMail are:

  • Infrequent. I get a message from him every 2 or 3 days at most. He’s gone as much as a week without sending me anything.
  • Soft. His messages are in the “Found this. Thought you’d like it.” variety which leaves my ‘relationship’ with Anik intact regardless of whether I choose to take advantage of the offer or not.
  • Interesting. Russel’s links tended to be very off-based for what I was interested in. Anik’s links aren’t perfectly aligned either, but they’re more interesting with the softer approach.

The 3rd is Pat Flynn.

I strongly recommend Pat Flynn to everyone. He’s just completed his 2nd year as an online marketer and has grown to where making $1million in 2011 is a REAL possibility. Imagine that: $0 to $1,000,000/yr in 36 months!

He’s about as SOFT SELL as you can get. I wasn’t really interested in his eBook offer, but I wanted to stay up to date on his teaching. He practices what he preaches in his philosophy and, if he keeps doing what he’s been doing, I’ll likely be on his list for LIFE.

  • Value. He offers great information and tries to keep it on a low level to keep it understandable.
  • No Hype. He doesn’t get into the “pre-sale hype” of most of these launches since it’s all a “pig in a poke” until the product or service is actually out in the marketplace. Like Levi-Strauss, he sells tools to the prospectors.
  • Relationship. Even when he’s offering you something to buy, he builds his relationship with you through useful experience and knowledge. Is it any wonder that his affiliate profit is almost $30,000 / month?!
  • Transparency. Every month he breaks down his income for the previous month and notes challenges and lessons learned with an annual income report in January. A lot of marketers love to give the BIG money reports about something they did, but Pat’s reports are out there every month to show what he’s made or lost in what capacities.


When I compare and contrast these 3 marketers, I realize what Pat’s been preaching the entire time I’ve been with him. To keep someone on your list, you have to …

  1. give something the subscriber values,
  2. have a relationship with them as people not just prospects,
  3. be unquestionably honest.

If you want to lose subscribers as fast as you get them, …

  1. blast offer after offer to your list with no concern for their needs
  2. give no value to your subscribers in either information or tools
  3. waste their valuable time
  4. do nothing that endears you to them or them to you
  5. act suspiciously and selfishly

If you see your list as a paycheck, you’ll soon not have much of a paycheck.

If you see your list as people with needs, you’ll soon have a GREAT paycheck.

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