Who is Tesla Falcon?

The closest you'll get to seeing my face.

The closest you'll get to seeing my face.

Unlike a lot of people out there, I’m going to freely admit that Tesla Falcon is NOT my real name. This is my online pseudonym.

Why? Because I like my privacy. (Very Shrek of me, no?)

I’m not one to share all the most intimate details of my life with very many people. My immediate family knows what’s going on, but I don’t really feel comfortable telling the whole world my goings on. Even my most intimate friends in town don’t get the privilege of unless it’s on a need-to-know basis.

But you’re curious about me, so I’ll indulge a precious little bit:

The name Tesla N. Falcon has been my online alter-ego since 1995. My first eMail account in my real name was on Yahoo! I still have that eMail for my family, real friends, and personal business. I started getting spam. So I got a 2nd eMail account as TesFalcon.

The origin of the name was from two sources:

Tesla is from “Nikola Tesla”, the Lithuanian electrical genius who with the support of George Westinghouse developed the AC electrical system that we now used for home power throughout the world in opposition to Thomas Edison’s DC system which is only really used now in automobiles. Among his other inventions and discoveries include radio waves (not Marconi), the florescent light bulb, AC motors, and the Tesla Coil which is the only thing that bears his name.

N. is my real first initial.

Falcon comes from Star Wars’ “Millenium Falcon” since I strongly identify with the character of “Han Solo”. I also identify with the character of Capt. Jack Sparrow and his views on freedom via the ship “The Black Pearl”. Sparrow articulate what Solo also lived. It’s hard to be free and a great public figure at the same time.

I have a VERY strong Biblical belief that pervades everything I do. Even in this situation, I can’t just turn it off and pretend that certain aspects of life and God don’t matter or have to do with me. I’m also married and have several children.

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